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Analyzing Access Plans to Diagnose Performance Problems - D07

Topic: 2012 NA

Subtopic: DB2 for LUW

This presentation is targeted towards advanced
DB2 users. It would be most beneficial for
Advanced DBAs who are interested in DB2's
cost based optimizer and learn how to analyze
access plans, to diagnose query performance
issues, directly from DB2 development and
support. We'll go into details of 5 different
examples from actual customer scenarios and
show how we further debugged the situation
and what are the things to look for when
debugging an optimizer issue. It is mainly
focused on cardinality estimates. We’ll show
how one can improve the cardinality estimates
via different mechanisms available in DB2, e.g.
runstats, column group statistics, reopt, statistical views. Furthermore, an example of a problem involving optimizer guidelines
and a problem identifying compile time problem and how to go about
fixing it.

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