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DB2 LUW Advancements in Monitoring – From Paper-Weight CRT to Paper-Thin LED Monitors! - D15

Topic: 2012 NA

Subtopic: DB2 for LUW

The challenges you solve and the answers you seek have changed drastically in the past 5 years. With DB2 LUW, the monitoring infrastructure has evolved tremendously. Today we are armed with a plethora of admin views, table functions, dbms procedures,
event monitors, time-spent metrics, and WLM. There are also tools and utilities like db2mtrk, db2pd and db2top. At the end of the day, with all these new features and advancements, the obvious question is how to use the right tool for the job. During this presentation, Vijay Sitaram, McKesson Corporation will cherry pick the DB2 LUW 9.7 monitoring features. They will show what options shine best in understanding the database, enabling the DBA/Architect to solve tactical issues and lay the foundation for strategic initiatives related to the database environment using trending of monitoring data. At the end of this session, the attendee will have a very good understanding of the tool set and its place in the monitoring stack. Come learn about the advancements in DB2 LUW 9.7 monitoring and implement the best options in your environment.

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