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Integrating DB2 Spatial Extender with HTML5 Technologies for Rich Internet Applications - F02

Topic: 2012 NA

Subtopic: DB2 for LUW

With the ongoing development of the HTML5 standard, the world wide web will be enriched with multimedia - graphics contents and semantic content wise. The introduced concepts such as WebGL, Web Sockets, and Web Workers are all very important assets towards creating rich internet applications that are superior in not only presentation but also in performance. In this work, we aim at incorporating DB2's Spatial Extender capabilities into a HTML5 framework to create a visualization rich experience to explore geospatial data for educational purposes. Specifically, the proposed framework consists of encoding past military actions in terms of geospatial objects, storing them in a DB2 database with the support of Spatial Extender, and visualizing them on a virtual globe by using HTML5 technologies. We believe that such an experimental application framework would be beneficial for determining the roadmap for future rich internet applications.

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