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Deep Dive into DB2 10 Query Performance Optimization: Statistics and Optimization Profiles - H14

Topic: 2012 NA

Subtopic: DB2 for LUW

DB2 10 significantly improves query performance and database administration through enhancements to catalog statistics and optimization profiles. Statistical views have been improved in DB2 10 to make them easier to use and maintain. Their capabilities have also been extended to collect statistics for complex expressions used in predicates. Statistics for statistical views can now be collected automatically by the DB2 data server, using the same approach as tables and nicknames. Statistical views are now easier to deploy using the Optim Query Tuner workload statistical view advisor. The RUNSTATS utility has also been enhanced in DB2 10, with the addition of index page sampling, better index page prefetching and overall improved performance. Finally, DB2 optimization profiles have been extended to make them more powerful and easier to use. SQL statement matching is now more flexible so that an optimization profile can match many SQL statements with a similar structure. Optimization profiles can now be used to specify certain registry variables, so that they can be applied more selectively. Attend this presentation to understand how these new features can improve your query performance and make administering your DB2 system easier.

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