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INLINE LOBS - Dare We Go There?

Topic: 2012 AU

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

You have been working with LOBS for a while now, but V10 has more opportunities to streamline your LOB processing. What is up with this new INLINE LOB thing? How will it affect your processing? Is it worth messing with? This presentation will explain the structure of LOBs, discuss the benefits of using the new INLINE syntax, and give you a heads up on how they may impact your processing. I will also talk about the new DB2 10 options for processing LOB. Objectives: 1. Understand how to define INLINE LOBS and determine what is the best INLINE value to choose. 2. Learn how they are registered in the catalog and how to set the new ZPARM. 3. Understand how INLINE LOBs work differently than regular LOBS. 4. Learn about new DB2 10 features for LOBS and how they affect your processing ‚ can they save you time and money?

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