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An XML Document’s Life – Dr. Node!!!

Topic: 2012 AU

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

XML continues to be an emerging technology and more features are being added to DB2 to support it. So what is this new XML data type? Follow the adventures of ‘Dr. Node’, an XML document as he gets inserted into a DB2 table. Not only will you see how he is related to his parent row but you will learn about his hierarchical tree structure and the catalog tables involved in supporting him. You will also see how to use the new DB2 10 XMLMODIFY commands to manipulate individual nodes within Dr. Node. In order to verify Dr. Node’s integrity, we will discuss the impact of the new DB2 10 Check Data syntax for XML spaces. Finally we will look at how a Reorg impacts the doc’tor’.
We will end with a discussion of how things could have been different in Dr. Node’s life with non-versioning versus multi-versioning, indexing with the new Date and Timestamp data types, and the new zparm value that allows for DOCID’s to be randomized.

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