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Virtualise Production in DB2 z/OS with Profiles

Topic: 2012 AU

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

Most sites understand the importance of having a performance measurement/assurance environment to validate the performance of new or changed SQL

The snag is, as DB2 gets smarter about its environment, it gets increasingly difficult to guarantee that the performance DB2 subsystem really does behave the same as the real production subsystem(s)

This is why IBM have introduced Production Virtualization to "fool" a DB2 subsystem into thinking that certain aspects of its environment are actually different from reality - making it possible to model a production subsystem in a completely seperate LPAR

This session looks at how this has been implemented - with a couple of dsnzparm changes and addition to the capabilities of DB2 Profiles. As always, things are never quite as simple as they might have been

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