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ALTER in DB2 10 - Things got easier didn't they?

Topic: 2012 AU

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

We’ve all been there – a sudden need to change an attribute of a DB2 object only to find that the ALTER command doesn’t support THAT particular alteration. Faced with an Unload, Drop, Recreate, Reload, sometimes it seems simpler to just leave things alone
Well, DB2 has started evolving and we gained the power of On-Line Schema Evolution a few years ago, but this still had its limitations and there were still common alterations that required a drop/recreate
Enter DB2 10 and Deferred Schema Evolution. Whilst this may still not be the universal panacea for those awkward alters, it does move the goalposts significantly and enables many alterations to be performed as part of a REORG instead

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