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B05&B06- DB2 Architecture for DBAs

Topic: 2013 India

Subtopic: DB2 for LUW

DBAs often need to understand what's going on 'under the covers' in the relational database system, in order to fully appreciate how best to tune the database, and to have full confidence in their database installations. This presentation gives DBAs definitive knowledge about DB2 on Linux Unix and Windows' internal algorithms and how to control them. It covers key concepts like how tablespaces are designed, SMS vs DMS vs Automatic Storage internals, space management within tables, index management, memory management and STMM, logging and recovery, locking, parallelism, shared nothing and shared data clustering, and how threads and processes are used. In each of these areas, the presentation covers internal design fundamentals at a conceptual level, and then follows up with guidance on how to influence the described DB2 behavior via tuning knobs and controls. The material in this presentation will be up-to-date as of the latest versions of DB2 available on the conference date.

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