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B03 - CLPPlus- an IBM Command Line Processing tool for migrating Oracle customers

Topic: 2013 India

Subtopic: DB2 for LUW

SQL*Plus scripts to IBM data servers, thereby minimizing the migration and training cost for customers. CLPPlus is capable of executing SQL commands and SQL scripts against IBM data servers like DB2 LUW, DB2 z/OS and IDS databases. Advanced command line editing facilities will
help users in developing large PLSQL blocks with ease and Server Output support enables the debugging of issues during server execution.
Some of the key focus areas are:
1. Introduction to CLPPlus
2. Seamless execution of SQL*Plus scripts against DB2 data server
3. Scripting support
4. Report Generation and Formatting
5. SQL and PL/SQL execution
6. Autotrace and Explain plan generation

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