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B01 - A Technical Exploration of DB2 10 LUW

Topic: 2013 India

Subtopic: DB2 for LUW

This presentation details the latest technology advancements in DB2 LUW's latest release, DB2 10, and how DBAs can get the most out of these new capabilities. DB2 10 is a very exciting new release of DB2 on the Linux Unix and Windows platforms, with very significant performance gains, new programming models, and several other important features. This presentation provides a detailed technical overview of the key features in the release, and how they can be best put to use. These topics includes new SQL parallelism support, new join mechanisms, new indexing and prefetching technologies, multi-temperature storage and a new storage group concept, new CPU shares and limit concepts to gain fine control over workload management, new fine grained access row and column access control, a new time travel query capability, a new adaptive compression technology, and several other important features. The presentation will highlight the value of each capability, and then overview how to use them.

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