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E12 - Leveraging Legacy Applications for DB2 Native SQL Stored Procedures

Topic: 2013 NA

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

As part of any developer’s job, it is often the bane of a developer to have to move from one technology to another. This is the case of legacy applications. Since the inception of DB2, billions of lines of code have been developed by organizations worldwide. With the release of version 6, external stored procedures became a better option of implementing SQL into applications. With the release of version 9, the new DB2 Native SQL stored procedures have made available to developers an even better way of implementing SQL into applications. However, there is a veritable gold mine of legacy SQL which could provide a flood of DB2 Native SQL stored procedures. This presentation would provide the audience with a framework on how this effort can be accomplished by providing a road map approach with easily identified check points along the life time of the project.

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