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E15 - How SELECT & UPDATE works - A beginers guide to DB2 internals !!

Topic: 2013 NA

Subtopic: DB2 for LUW

Most engineers like to understand how things work . This presentation explains in a fun but informative way , what happens behind the scenes when you execute a query. We will start with the simplest queries and as we go through the presentation explain more complex queries involving predicates and joins and inner statements . We will look at things like how an index or reorg influences a query. The presentation is aimed at some one with no background knowledge to spend an engaging hour in learning what happens behind the scenes when some one interacts with the DB2 by starting with the simplest concepts and covering a lot of ground in terms of understanding the DB2 internals . This is educative and informative and will empower a user to have even more fun with DB2 . Knowing how DB2 works will empower a new DBA to have a more rewarding experience with the product.

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