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C04 - Best Practices and Lessons Learned : How to make DB2 pureScale work in a high-demand mission critical system environment !!!

Topic: 2013 NA

Subtopic: DB2 for LUW

Nissay (Nippon Life Insurance) is the largest insurance company in Japan and 5th largest insurance company in the world. Its New Integrated system is most drastic change in 120 years of company history and Nissay chose DB2 purescale as the key technology.The New Integrated system has been accessed by more than 60000 sales force through 120 AS(WAS Application Serves) everyday. This system 'MUST be highly available and exhibit good performance'. DB2 purescale is good product, but is relatively new so customer references have been limited. In this session, we would like to share how to design and implement highly mission critical system with utilizing DB2 purescale. A wide variety of lessons learns and hints and tips will be shared in the session. Also hints and tips in V10 are also shared.

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