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D07 - IBM PureData Systems vs. Oracle Exadata - Technical Facts

Topic: 2013 NA

Subtopic: DB2 for LUW

Expert Integrated System are really what you need for lower costs and better performance. Oracle's Engineered Systems lack IBM's workload optimization and expert deployment patterns. Both IBM and Oracle are “designing hardware and software engineered to work together” but only IBM is going beyond that to deliver workload optimized systems and expert deployment patterns. These two additions drive down overall costs by delivering systems that are optimized right out of the box for the job they need to do…these are not one size fits all generic workload servers but rather optimized and ready to run the most challenging OLTP, Analytic and Operational Analytic workloads. This all technical session will describe the architectural differences between IBM PureData Systems vs. Oracle Exadata and why the need for different architectures.

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