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D10 - DB2 WLM - Understanding, Implementing and Monitoring

Topic: 2013 NA

Subtopic: DB2 for LUW

Starting in DB2 9.5, WLM was introduced as the tool a new set of capabilities to help manage workloads within the database. In DB2 9.7, the WLM feature set has become more mature and robust and is a crucial component of any data warehouse and other environments with mixed workloads contending for system resources.

This joint presentation between Staples and IBM will illustrate how to implement WLM in the context of a production warehouse environment, using the latest Best Practices Document as a guideline. It will cover what scripts can be used to migrate from QP, how to configure query cost and time limit thresholds and other helpful scripts tips.

We will illustrate an automated emailing application for notifying users of queries that have triggered WLM thresholds, and other useful queries that will enable the user to leave with a solid understanding of WLM and a set of tools to help implement and monitor in a production environment.

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