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B10 - Deep Dive on DB2, Qrep and MQ -- How it works and Performance Considerations

Topic: 2013 NA

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

IBM GDPS Active-Active solution is the latest evolution of GDPS disaster recovery solution to achieve cross-side workload balancing, continuous availability and disaster recovery in an unlimited distance. DB2 for z/OS, InfoSphere Replication Server(Q replication) for z/OS and WebSphere MQ for z/OS are three most critical components in Active-Active solution to provide such high availability.
The session will explain the roles of three components and the key factors that can impact end2end replication throughput, such as, workload characteristic, Q replication configurations, MQ configurations and different product versions. Then we will focus on Q apply performance, what to monitor and tuning considerations in DB2 and Qrep. Last we'll go through some IBM internal performance test results to understand performance impact of these key factors.

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