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[F14] Reduce your Application Backup Window with a Snap

Topic: 2013 EMEA

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

In this session we will share our experience on a implementation of a new Application backup Strategy which survives through the years independent of data growth and without increasing the Application Backup window.

Describe the different solutions tested
The different aspects considered in this implementation
The benefits of this new Application Backup Strategy
What are the key issues for the success of implementation

A. IT Environment

B. Objective of Strategy
Reduce Backup batch window
Increase availability of Online Applications

C. Solutions Tested
Snapshot Copies
Cabinet Copies
Hybrid Copies

D. Advantages of chosen Solution

E. Backup Copy Features Tested
Copy IC
Unload IC
Recover to IC
Changes to Disaster Recovery Plan

F. New Strategy defined
New standards implemented
Use of Application Groups

G. Results achieved

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