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[A10] A Review of BIND and REBIND parameters in DB2 for z/OS

Topic: 2013 EMEA

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

Over the past few releases many new features have been added to DB2 which can be used to enhance the Performance and Availability of your Applications. Many of these are controlled by new keywords and parameters that have been added to the BIND and REBIND commands. This presentation will provide a useful summary and review of the most important newer capabilities, as well as taking another look at some of the more critical older options where the recommended settings may have changed since you started using DB2.

Topics to be covered will include setting appropriate Isolation Levels and when to acquire and release resources, High Performance DBATs, Controlling when Optimization occurs, providing hints to the Optimizer and managing access path degradation using Plan Stability and/or the new APREUSE and APCOMPARE functionality

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