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[A14] DB2 for z/OS and zIIP & zAAP - The REDIRECT to success

Topic: 2013 EMEA

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

zIIP and zAAPs, also known as "speciality engines" are of high interest when controlling MIPs consumption in todays mainframe environments. DB2 for z/OS is a major user of these SP for some time now. This presentation will provide a quick overview of the zIIP and zAAP processors. Which DB2 10 for z/OS processes and workloads that are leveraging zIIPs and zAAPs will covered in details. With special focus on DB2 Utilities for z/OS, special settings will be covered that control the amount of processes that are eligible to be off-loaded. That also includes sort processing and list prefetch activities.
We will also dive into best practices how to estimate and monitor the zIIP & zAAP redirects, based on best practices in current customer situations.

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