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SQL Assurance

Topic: 2013 AU

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

We all know that SQL in production should be performing at the absolute best that it can – and the market is

full of tools to help you monitor and measure that performance, hopefully against some stated service level


But how does high performance SQL get into production in the first place. Do you ensure that it is coded in

the best way possible right at the start of the development lifecycle, or do you only address performance

issues when the SQL is about to be promoted into production (or perhaps only AFTER it has been migrated)?

This presentation looks at some ways it may be possible to “quality assure” your SQL as it is promoted

through the different environments

We will also look at some development situations that would seem to make SQL QA an almost impossible


Finally, we’ll finish off with some thoughts on what constitutes normal performance and how could it be

possible for a performance monitor to track normality and raise alerts for exceptions – all without annual


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