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IBM MLC Pricing and our DB2 World

Topic: 2013 AU

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

Ensuring the mainframe continues as the most efficient and cost effective platform in IT, this session focuses on the ways in which DB2 staff can contribute towards this objective and deliver value and cost savings back to the business. With an understanding of how software is most commonly charges for, we will move on and consider some things that DBAs and other DB2 staff can do to not only lower the costs of DB2, but also of IMS, CICS, MQ, RACF which, as a group, typically contribute 30% to 35% of Mainframe IT annual spend. These can range from rescheduling costly DB2 activities to non-peak hours to actually moving DB2 workloads between LPARs.

The presentation will cover the following topics:

An explanation how Rolling 4 hour average and accordingly how IBMs workload pricing works and make sure the audience understands that what they are paying for DB2 is only loosely related to what DB2 is actually using.

Phil finishes off discussing some things DB2 DBA’s could do to not only reduce their DB2 consumption but also their OVERALL expenditure.

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