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A10 - DB2 for z/OS: Disaster Recovery for the Rest of Us

Topic: 2014 NA

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

Each version of DB2 since V8 has improved System Level Backup (SLB), whether expanding function or improving performance. z/OS versions added capability, ease of use, and flexibility. This presentation pulls them all together in one place - See how SLB can benefit you!

Users want to know - should I implement System Level Backup (SLB) and eliminate individual image copies?  As users have more and more objects to back up, SLB becomes appealing. From its beginning as a niche for SAP users, SLB has added broader functionality. Each version of DB2 and z/OS augments its capability. Disaster recovery can be easily performed.

Suitable for beginners, this presentation starts with the background of both utilities, Backup System and Restore System (together called SLB). The new capabilities found in various z/OS levels are described.  A deeper dive into the nuances of both utilities, setting up the environment and how data set recovery from SLB has been enhanced in DB2 10 conclude this smorgasbord of information.

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