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D07 - Best practices for performance monitoring and tuning for IBM DB2 LUW

Topic: 2014 NA

Subtopic: DB2 for LUW

In IBM DB2 for Linux, UNIX, Windows performance issues arise when statements have less than optimal query execution plans chosen by the LUW optimizer. Users need to be able to monitor poorly performing set of statements, tune their plans, as well as re-monitor compare the tuned performance to the original performance. This process is complex and time consuming, where as the goal is to achieve this using a simple and fast process.

This session is meant to educate users on performing this scenario as well as improve on the speed and reduce the complexity of executing this scenario. We will first enumerate a set of best practices to perform these tasks. We will then show how the user can perform these tasks through easy-to-use features in the LUW AESE bundle, which automates the monitoring, tuning and comparing required. We will demonstrate the use of these features for the above tasks with a complete end to end scenario to guide users through workload monitoring and performance issue identification, tuning the DB system, and re-monitoring the workload performance change.

Advanced tuning features will also be included such as how to perform virtual index analysis (that allows virtually dropping an index), validate and apply optimization hints, and compare current plans from past archived plans for a workload.

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