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C08 - DB2 DPF Tips and Tricks: UNIX, SQL scripts and more for Lazy DBAs

Topic: 2014 NA

Subtopic: Cross Platform DB2 for z/OS & LUW

A "Lazy" DBA is one who strives to be extremely efficient by using technology to its fullest extent. In the world of ever shrinking IT budgets, DBAs are expected to support and administer lot more databases with the least possible head count. This presentation covers the thought process of a lazy DBA and details many tips / tricks in the form of UNIX and SQL scripts that were implemented by Huntington DBAs to become "lazy" (efficient with time and technology). A multi-terabyte DB2 DPF Data Warehouse (IBM InfoSphere Warehouse / Smart Analytics System) is being supported by just two lazy DBAs (while supporting other databases) with the help of these efficient techniques.

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