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Whitepaper - DB2 TOTAL COST OF OWNERSHIP ( DB2 Better Option Compare to Oracle as Database)

Topic: 2014 India

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

This paper can help you effectively explain some of the unique TCO benefits of DB2 that are available on some of the:  Best hardware : with today's fastest microprocessor, the most I/O channels, and hardware-assisted clustering to support scale-out technology  Best software : including the operating system and middleware that are trusted by some of the most demanding workloads and businesses on the planet  Best efficiency : as a platform that offers heavy automation, minimal administration footprint, strong analysis and support capabilities, and minimal environmental impact, including less electricity, networking, and floor space per unit of work For example, the concept of high availability nowadays means more than being available; it has evolved into being available and providing good response times. With more critical systems and an ever-increasing number of online users, database management systems, such as DB2 for z/OS, play a critical role in achieving high availability.

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