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Temporal Enhancements of IBM DB2 11 for z/OS

Topic: 2014 India

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

For years, application programmers and database administrators have been facing the problem of managing different versions of application data. With new regulatory and compliance laws requiring historical data to be maintained over years, the problem is becoming more acute requiring significant investment by DB2 customers in changing existing or creating new database applications to manage different versions of data. Maryela will review capability in DB2 10 to specify table-level specifications to control the management of application data based upon time. Additionally, she presents major improvements in temporal support in DB2 11. Enhancements include time machine support without requirement on changing applications and providing temporal features to users of views. In addition -- built on top of DB2 10 temporal -- a more comprehensive and generic auditing proposal will be discussed.

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