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A description of how to enable and use JSON in DB2 as part of the BIG Data

Topic: 2014 London

Subtopic: DB2 for LUW

This presentation looks at JSON features in the context of support for the overall Big Data effort. We will provide the context for developers using Big Data where the schema changes need to be done quickly to facilitate short development lifecycle. This short development lifecycle is not readily facilitated by normal relational schema development and deployment and so we will justify the provision of JSON support directly from DB2. Starting with the basics on JSON/Mongo DB API as an emerging technology in Big Data we will give a description of the changing environment with respect to speed of development and the ability to modify schema dynamically using JSON. We will then cover how to enable JSON in your DB2 database and create and access JSON objects. The new db2nosql command line interface will be covered including inserting data and performing queries against that data. We will then cover configuration of DB2 with respect to making it possible to access JSON objects which will be important to you as the Application Developer or DBA. Finally we will describe the client interfaces to access JSON objects either via generic MONGO DB API or via the new JDBC.

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