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A03 - Real Customer DB2 for z/OS Version 11 early migration experiences - some magic - and why the Extended LRSN should not scare...

Topic: 2014 EMEA

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

This presentation will provide a comprehensive overview of a successful DB2 z/OS Version 11 early support customer project at Commerzbank. It will talk about several important areas of interest, that also are key to success, not only if you are running a early support project, but also if you are about to plan for DB2 Version 11. What are the avoidable pitfalls in several areas. What if you might want or need to convert your environment to the new extended LRSN Format - The Catalog, the BSDS, The LOGS all or not all of your user object - What - if - why... How to best convert to the new version and why do you need to something like the Extended LRSN. What is so great about a clone. What are the use cases if you want to use APPLCOMPAT and were are the limits. Most important - what is there you still will need to do.... Yes - there is some magic in DB2 11, but you still need to know the jinx and need to be practicing the right signs to do it right, otherwise Cerberus might be waiting around the next corner..

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