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D16 - What’s Brewing at MetLife – A Choice Blend to Deepen DB2 LUW Value

Topic: 2014 EMEA

Subtopic: DB2 for LUW

Here’s a blended brew of select features and techniques to boost our UDB value at MetLife.
Grasp BLU’s “sweet spot”, and how we methodically identify tables that can benefit from columnarization.
See a recipe to put “found” bargain rate zLINUX hardware to work for LUW, seamlessly. Demystify the “IFL”.
Hear about gathering and porting workloads and application details uniformly, rather than hit-or-miss piecemeal, using Optim Workload Replay to promote steady confident upgrades to V10.
View inroads into configuration and connection understanding, with Optim Configuration Manager to troll for configuration and application outliers at an enterprise level.
Hear the results of these choice merged techniques for beefed-up manageability and stability.

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