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E06 - Herd your chickens: Ansible for DB2 configuration management.

Topic: 2014 EMEA

Subtopic: Cross Platform DB2 for z/OS & LUW

Ansible is an open-source configuration management and orchestration tool that enables rapid deployments and repeatable changes. It's state-oriënted approach will help you deliver a more consistent and manageable environment or simply save you time while performing operations on it. A low learning curve and agent-less operation will allow you to apply what you learn in this session quickly. The extensive list of included modules and the possibility to write your own or use it as a wrapper for your existing scripts ensures that you won't easily be limited in automating the management of your environment.

This session will start of with an overview of Ansible and how it works in any regular Linux/AIX/... environment, introducing the central configuration repository, the playbook format and a list of interesting modules. The second part will show how we map these concepts into our DB2 world and how we can use it for installations, querying, HADR setup and other use-cases.

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