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THE BI Blu’s

Topic: 2014 AU

Subtopic: DB2 for LUW

The presentation describes the business need for a Near Real Time(NRT) Operational Data Store (ODS) and the process that the Bank went through to choose DB2 Blu against the competitors. DB2 Blu incorporates IBM’s latest column based technologies to accelerate analytical queries
The presentation describes the steps needed to implement the ODS application which include:
• Application Architecture, incorporating DB2 Blu
• Design of the database including both Column and Row tables, where applicable and why
• Implementation of the application
• Restrictions of columnar design and the workaround’s needed
• Other Blu features used such as Historization and Compression
• Physical implementation and partitioning for automatic archiving
• Testing and performance statistics gathered
• High availability Architecture
The presentation will show the audience how simple it can be to create an NRT ODS with DB2 Blu at the center of that design. It looks into the uses of NRT data and how it can give the corporation a leading edge on customer satisfaction and marketing; additionally providing a base for Risk Analysis and Fraud Detection.

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