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DB2 : What to do when problem arises?

Topic: 2014 AU

Subtopic: DB2 for LUW

Often times DB2 workshops and presentations discusses a certain product or technology regarding its capabilities, new features, or how to do certain things. Although this is great and does deliver what technology user's need. It is also a known fact that problems do occur, this could be from a wide range of issues such as syntax error, incorrect output, unexpected behavior/outages, or performance degradation just to name a few.

Even though DB2 software support is available and ready to help, it is still important that a problem description is defined as accurately as possible, correct diagnostic data is collected, and narrowing the problem to its cause is important before a resolution can be determined.

It is the intention of this topic to provide DBA's with the ability to do as much problem determination, tools, and techniques that they can used to resolve issue's and if needed to work efficiently with DB2 support ultimately improving time to resolution of issues especially when critical systems are involved.

The topic begins with discussing what type of information to collect to identify the problem description as accurately as possible, as this will determine what is the right diagnostic information to collect is and how to collect it.

We follow this by covering what different DB2 diagnostic tools/methods of data collection can be used depending on the type, occurrence, and special characteristics of the problem. This also covers specific operating system diagnostic data collection. Important key information will be reviewed and understand how it correlates to the actual problem and how it can be used to resolve issues.

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