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DB2 for z/OS: JC's Greatest Hits, War Stories and Best Practice 2016

Topic: 2016 AU

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

In this presentation John will introduce and discuss some customer war stories, greatest hits in terms of positive and negative experience, and share recommended best practice on a number of hot topics. This will include discussion about EL_CFSTRUCTS_ON_RESTART zparm for deleting the structures, implications of stretching sysplex from a performance perspective (value of SMD and duplexing over distance),
housekeeping (why reorg index, index reorg and runstats, runstats, value of rebind), Alter bufferpool, insert space search (short) and UTS PBG,
IRLM CPU spikes in data sharing, converting over to table controlled with leading keys, customer performance experience with UTS and changing limit keys.

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