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Analytics on a Mainframe? Are You For Real (Time)?

Topic: 2016 AU

Subtopic: Cross Platform DB2 for z/OS & LUW

The greatest opportunity to interact with your clients on a personal level, using analytics to predict their needs and motivations, occurs each and every time they initiate a transaction: on every order placed, every payment requested, every change posted. Every transaction is an opportunity to put an intelligent business decision into action. How can you inject predictive analytics into a real-time operational transaction without degrading the speed or integrity of that transaction? And what is Real Time Analytics anyway?
Since most of the world’s transactional data continues to reside on the mainframe, technologies have been incorporated into z Systems that enable you to do just that. This session will outline some of those technologies based around DB2 on z/OS and how they integrate together to provide you with the means to potentially influence the outcome of a transaction at the time of running it. Should that credit card transaction go through? Should that insurance claim be paid? How can I help this customer while they are on the phone? And this solution can either work in isolation or can complement existing warehouse solutions you may already have in place.
Make the maximum use of your data on the mainframe. Get real (time).

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