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DB2 Adapter for z/OS - Let’s Get Plugged-In

Topic: 2016 AU

Subtopic: Cross Platform DB2 for z/OS & LUW

One of the key differentiators for enterprises across industry has been how fast and agile they are capable of integrating the System of records in legacy applications with the other platforms. DB2 data in z/OS constitutes huge treasure trove of business data that often requires to be accessed by customers through various new age digital channels like web, mobile or cloud based applications. Thus publishing DB2 data as webservices forms the key for data consumptions across the board. This presentation provides insight into how DB2 Adapter configured on WAS Liberty profile for z/OS can act as good medium for establishing connectivity with DB2 and outside world. Also it involves discussion around use of Data Studio tool that eases developing Webservices from SQL statements and deploying the same on WAS on one go. It takes through end to end the steps involved in Developing, Deploying and Consuming Webservices for DB2.

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