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DB2 9 for z/OS Best Practices for SAP (B11)

Topic: 2009 EU

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

DATE: 2009-10-7 (11:00 - 12:00)
SPEAKERS: Johannes Schuetzner (IBM Boeblingen Lab, Germany)

DB2 9 for z/OS introduces various exciting new features that are particularly beneficial for SAP customers. Among the highlights are automated backup and recovery based on FlashCopy and a number of new autonomic DB2 features like partition-by-growth tablespaces and the automatic creation of database objects. This presentation elaborates on real world experiences and best practices with DB2 9 in SAP environments. It discusses the business value and tips and tricks of new functionality in the areas of security, online schema evolution and database failover with DB2 Connect 9.5 to name a few.

EXP. LEVEL: Beginner,Intermediate


The goal of this session is to learn from the experiences of other SAP customers with DB2 9 for z/OS and how to best take advantage of the enhancements of DB2 9

Things to consider during the actual migration to DB2 9 and when administrating DB2 9 in SAP environments are highlighted

Provides insight into the close integration with z/OS DFSMShsm and DS8000 FlashCopy and discusses recent enhancements in z/OS 1.0 and DS8000 4.2

Demonstrate how to exploit the seamless and cascaded database failover feature of the IBM Data Server Driver for JDBC introduced with DB2 Connect 9.5

Understand DB2 UTS and automatically created DB2 objects in the context of SAP applications

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