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Buffer Pool Tuning on 5 dollars a Day (B06)

Topic: 2009 NA

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

DATE: 2009-5-13 (11:00 AM - 12:00 PM)
SPEAKERS: Paul Walters (Student Loan Marketing Association)

Hands on approach to object placement and buffer pool tuning for zOS. Demonstrate how LSTATS can be used to provide object level information for object placement. Demonstrate how to tuning DB2 buffers from start to finish with no 3rd party products and how this information can be used to evaluated commercially available products.Outline :Current Configuration:- Existing Standards- Objects placement based on:i.Consolidated Buffers ii.Separated by Applications iii.Separated by Access type- DB2 V8 thresholds (local and group buffer pools)Future Configuration:- 3rd Party Products can help- Buffer assignments between test and production- Frequency of object placement reviewData Sources:- Display Buffers - Buffer Activity- LSTATS - Object Activity- SMF Data- Sampling Periods- Datasharing ImplicationsPerformance Metrics:Implementing Changes:- Identifying objects using LSTATS- Moving objects- Reviewing Results- Retiring Bu

EXP. LEVEL: Beginner


As Is and "To be" analysis. Understanding your existing strategy for buffer pools assignment will help manage the implementation of changes to your existing system. The future configuration will provide a guide to compare future changes to.

What sources of data are available to determine how objects are accessed? LSTATS provides an easy interface to this information with no overhead.

Performance metrics

Implementing Changes

Potential 3rd party Tool requirements

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