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DB2 Connect to DB2 z/OS - Problem Determination & Performance Tips & Tricks (B03)

Topic: 2008 EU

Subtopic: Cross Platform DB2 for z/OS & LUW

DATE: 2008-10-13 (16:15 - 17:15)
SPEAKERS: Melanie Stopfer (IBM Software Group)

Learn how to resolve problems that arise in your DB2 Connect to DB2 z/OS environment. By using the right tools, develop a methodology to isolate and resolve problems and improve your ability to meet your On Demand business requirements. Attend this session and learn how to prepare yourself to successfully perform problem determination in your DB2 Connect to DB2 z/OS environment. Melanie will include tips and tricks that she has learned from customer experiences.

EXP. LEVEL: Intermediate,Advanced


Describe data flow within a DB2 Connect environment and develop a problem determination methodology

Perform problem determination analysis using tools available on DB2 Client

Capture, parse and examine CLI and JCC Traces, configure DB2 Connect to improve performance, and analyze Snapshot DCS monitor output

Run and interpret network commands and use DB2 commands to perform problem determination

Analyze accounting, statistics and performance trace output to identify and resolve connection and performance problems

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