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Do You Understand .NET? A DB2 for z/OS Survival Guide (F05)

Topic: 2008 EU

Subtopic: Cross Platform DB2 for z/OS & LUW

DATE: 2008-10-14 (11:45 - 12:45)
SPEAKERS: Frank Petersen (Bankdata)

This presentation will look at the Microsoft approach for accessing data with the primary focus towards accessing DB2 z/OS. The presentation is targeted towards people with no or little Mi-crosoft programming experience.

EXP. LEVEL: Beginner,Intermediate


Make the audience understand the different Microsoft technologies and terms

Give the audience the ability to judge pro’s and con’s for using Microsoft’s technology towards DB2 on z/OS.

Understand the V8 and V9 DB2 Data Provider and the Visual Studio Plugin

Make the audience able to go home and code a Microsoft Visual Basic DB2 application using .NET

Be able to implement the needed components to run Microsoft .NET applications for DB2 on z/OS and understand the possibilities and needs for monitoring when using the Microsoft platform.

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