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Creating Customized Tools for DB2 for z/OS (B09)

Topic: 2008 NA

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

DATE: 2008-05-21 (09:45 AM - 10:45 AM)
SPEAKERS: Robert Vargo (Progressive Insurance)

This presentation will describe the numerous DB2 tools that have been written at Progressive Insurance. These tools enable us to manage our large and diverse DB2 workload. In addition, the presentation will detail methods that the members of the audience can employ to transfer these ideas to their own organizations. We will cover the basic framework that we have used to construct all of the tools. The tools that will be discussed will include a Call Attach replacement, a DBM1 storage monitor, a latch contention monitor, various "thread killer" utilities, a method to create DB2 IFI metadata, and a WLM boost technique.

EXP. LEVEL: Advanced


Using DB2 IFI data to monitor and manage various DB2 system resources. Examples include DBM1 storage and latch contention.

Designing and deploying specialized DB2 "thread killer" utilities to enhance both DB2 application and system availability.

The nuts and bolts of replacing a vendor supplied Call Attach product with an in-house written solution.

Leveraging IFI metadata to quickly develop customized DB2 tools.

Setting up the re-useable framework that will serve as the foundation for all of the tools.

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