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Mature Database Performance: Doing More with Less (B11)

Topic: 2008 NA

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

DATE: 2008-05-21 (02:45 PM - 03:45 PM)
SPEAKERS: Theresa Young (UPS)

Performance tuning of very large mature databases with ultra-high transaction rates presents challenges requiring advanced analysis, testing and implementation strategies. With illustrations from a highly successful implementation, this presentation goes beyond SQL, index, and bufferpool tuning to the heart of database performance by describing the methodology and features used to improve getpage and I/O rates with structural database changes to obtain over 50% CPU and elapsed time savings.

EXP. LEVEL: Intermediate,Advanced


Identify and quantify 5 database performance factors to consider during database maintenance planning, emphasizing CPU and elapsed time savings in the midst of growth and change, combining new DB2 release and standard DB2 performance enhancements.

Learn database performance tuning impact analysis methodology with emphasis on database structural changes using examples of impact analysis reports.

Learn methods of testing and quantifying the performance impact of database changes with emphasis on controlled testing with measurements of baseline and incremental changes in both unit and application stress tests.

Learn techniques to minimize outages and reduce risk during production implementation.

Learn how to measure and compare pre- and post-implementation performance using SQL performance statistics and averages. Learn to use trend analysis to quantify and communicate the impact of database performance improvements.

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