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DB2 Scripting Hacks for Linux, UNIX, and Windows (D14)

Topic: 2008 NA

Subtopic: DB2 for LUW

DATE: 2008-05-22 (10:30 AM - 11:30 AM)
SPEAKERS: Fred Sobotka (FRS Consulting)

Automation is not laziness. It is, in fact, an absolute necessity to staying sane as a DBA. This session shows DBAs how to automate even the most tedious of tasks by exploiting many diverse utilities that are either part of the base operating system (Linux, UNIX or Windows) or are freely obtainable online. The tips presented cover a wide range of use cases and skill levels, but all are based on real-life scenarios encountered by a battle-hardened DBA. The presentation uses numerous functional examples to demonstrate how DBAs can apply free, simple utilities to streamline many common tasks.

EXP. LEVEL: Intermediate


Get the most out of DB2's command-line processor (CLP) by learning about its design and by working around its limitations

Build a versatile toolkit of UNIX scripting tools, including Perl, sed, awk, and xargs

Exploit the Cygwin shell and its scripting utilities to create a UNIX-like environment on Windows platforms

Learn about Microsoft's new PowerShell, which offers an attractive scripting environment for administrators in Windows-only environments

Evaluate the pros and cons of different job scheduling systems, including DB2 Task Center, UNIX cron, and Windows schtasks

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