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DB2 V8, V9, now Viper-II! DBA’s Life on the Fast Lane! (E08)

Topic: 2008 NA

Subtopic: DB2 for LUW

DATE: 2008-05-20 (04:00 PM - 05:00 PM)
SPEAKERS: Vijay Sitaram (McKesson Corp)

As silly as it sounds, the next 60 minutes will keep DBA’s awake to go back and sleep without worrying about the database! As DBA, we do find it hard to keep up with ever-changing technology which simplifies our tasks but makes it interesting to support multiple releases. Viper has 150+ features, Viper-II takes it a notch higher! For the next 60 minutes, we shall look at some of the common issues faced in supporting our data warehouse environment and see how they are addressed across various timelines (V8, Viper-I and Viper-II). We will discuss the above by referring to major day-to-day DBA tasks, such as: performance monitoring & tuning, maintenance, storage management, optimizer, concurrency and High Availability. For each of these tasks, we cherry pick issues under them and discuss on how to address them in different releases/versions of DB2 (V8, V9 and Viper-II). At the end of the session, we will know to appreciate what’s to come in Viper-II but also understand how it works in V8.

EXP. LEVEL: Beginner,Intermediate


OS - CPU/Memory/Disk Management We discuss issues that revolve around System management relating to CPU/Disk/Memory specific to DB2 in V8, V9 and Viper-II.

Storage - Tablespace ManagementWe discuss basic tablespace features made available in V8 and take it all the way to autoresize and ASM in relation to the latest BCU standards

Monitoring & Performance ManagementWe take up some hard issues related to monitoring and performance tuning. For these issues, we talk about how they are addressed in V8 and V9, and ofcourse Viper-II!

Maintenance & High Availability ManagementDiscuss techniques in keeping the warehouse maintenance free! What if you could run maintenance online and not take downtime? These topics are covered across versions (V8, V9 and Viper-II).

What’s really online!Most of the Data Warehouses are large 24x7 shops. What's the best way to leverage the online features starting with V8 for large systems? Did V9 and Viper-II make it any easy so that DBA's can catch up on some sleep?

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