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DB2 for z/OS V8 Migration - Are You Done Yet (Part 1 of 2) (A12)

Topic: 2007 EU

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

DATE: 2007-11-7 (16:15 - 17:15)
SPEAKERS: John Campbell (IBM DB2 for z/OS Development), Michael Dewert (IBM)

It is now three years since the introduction of V8 and some important lessons have been learned by IBM and customers. This presentation re-evaluates recurring problem areas or areas of customer concern in migrating to V8, and provides recommended best practices in each area.

EXP. LEVEL: Intermediate


Dispel myths about V8 Migration

Provide recommended best practice

How to miigate excess resource consumption

Enable customers to move quickly but safely to V8

Pin point the most important considerations

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