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Automatic Storage: The Future of Space Management in DB2 (E04)

Topic: 2007 NA

Subtopic: DB2 for LUW

DATE: 2007-5-7 (04:20 PM - 05:20 PM)
SPEAKERS: Kelly Schlamb (IBM Toronto Lab )

Automatic Storage, a recent introduction to the product, represents a major step in storage management for DB2. Prior to the introduction of this technology, you were required to explicitly manage storage at the table space level which could be a daunting and time consuming task. With the advent of Automatic Storage, you can now associate a set of storage paths with a database, create table spaces on these storage paths without explicitly having to specify storage or containers, and let DB2 automatically extend and add containers for you on the fly. All of these features are sure to make your job as a DBA that much easier. The topics covered in this technical presentation include an introduction to automatic storage databases, creating automatic storage and auto-resize table spaces, monitoring, recovery, and hints & tips.

EXP. LEVEL: Intermediate,Advanced


An explanation of automatic storage and the value of using it

How the automatic storage features work internally

How to monitor the automatic storage features

How to control the automatic storage features

Hints, tips, and best practices for using automatic storage

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