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Storebrands Experiences from Using DB2 v9 Pure XML in a SOA (I03)

Topic: 2007 NA

Subtopic: DB2 for LUW

DATE: 2007-5-7 (01:40 PM - 02:40 PM)
SPEAKERS: Thore Thomassen (Storebrand ASA)

Storebrand has a large and complex system portfolio with many old legacy systems. To meet business demands of faster time to market, functional flexibility and customer satifaction, we have, developed a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) that is enabling us to integrate services from existing legacy systems.   The talk will show how we shortened the order processing time for pensions from 1-4weeks to 10 minutes by using a SOA that integrated systems and eliminated manual steps. In our SOA, the ability to store XML is important and the talk will show how DB2 v9 pureXML is an important component of the solution. In addition, we will share some of the early results and experiences we have had using DB2 v9 pureXML technology and how it reduced complexity and improved our productivity over using more traditional ways of storing XML. Finally, we will discuss future opportunities for using XML technologies and IBM DB2 pureXML, and the challenges that need to be addressed.

EXP. LEVEL: Beginner


Business challenges and motivations

SOA Solution

DB2 PureXML component

Early experiences and results

Future opportunities and challenges

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