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24 x 7: Practical Tips to Get You There (F12)

Topic: 2006 EU

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

DATE: 2006-10-4 (16:15 - 17:15)
SPEAKERS: Patric Becker (Sparkassen Informatik GmbH & Co. KG)

High availability and performance are keys to deliver today's real world business applications. It's not only the database, but the database combined with smart application design, providing the ability of 24 x 7. This presentation provides information on how a real-time CRM application can be designed, looking both at application programming challenges including application's architectural design and exploiting DB2 functionalities. Additionally, we also look behind the border, because we're not alone in the system.

EXP. LEVEL: Intermediate


Application design (batch and online) for 24 x 7

Physical design considerations

Looking behind the border : Job restartability considerations

Maintenance of operational data using application logic and DB2 logic

Maintenance overview of physical objects in a 24 x 7 environment

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