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Legacy Migrations: Experiences of the Industry (B04)

Topic: 2006 EU

Subtopic: DB2 for z/OS

DATE: 2006-10-3 (09:00 - 10:00)
SPEAKERS: Daniel Luksetich (Yevich, Lawson and Associates), Susan M Lawson (YL&A)

In order to make data into information we must have it in a flexible, easy-to-use date store such as DB2 z/OS. This presentation will take a look at several different approaches to migrating legacy data to DB2. We will look at what has worked well and what does not work at all. There have been some very creative approaches to achieving performance while not completing converting the application at the same time. There have also been some disasters when expectations were not correctly set and the future was not considered during the conversion effort.

EXP. LEVEL: Intermediate


Look at 5 major types of conversion efforts

Discuss how some conversions have been successful

Discuss common pitfalls of conversions

Learn how to set expectations

Look at some cool ideas for helping performance

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