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Introducing the Self Tuning Memory Manager for DB2 Viper (E06)

Topic: 2006 NA

Subtopic: DB2 for LUW

DATE: 2006-05-09 (01:00 PM - 02:10 PM)
SPEAKERS: Adam Storm (IBM Toronto Lab)

In Viper DB2 will introduce a revolutionary Self Tuning Memory Manager (STMM) which automates the task of memory tuning. The tuning technology is completely hands off and scales from small single user systems to large enterprise warehouses. The new STMM continuously monitors the system in an effort to tune the buffer pools and several of the most critical memory related configuration parameters. Through the use of an iterative tuning approach STMM is able to tune systems to near optimal memory distribution in less than an hour. More impressive is STMM’s ability to handle sudden, drastic and sustained shifts in memory requirements. The talk outlines the new STMM feature and describes how and when it should be used. The internals of the STMM are described, showing how the architecture creates a robust and powerful features. The feature's strengths will be also be illustrated by highlighting some of the impressive results that have been achieved when running STMM in the lab.

EXP. LEVEL: Beginner,Intermediate,Advanced


DB2 database memory model

The new Self Tuning Memory Manager (STMM)

How STMM works

How to use STMM

Experimental results

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